Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cleaning Tips for a Fabric Ottoman

Owning an ottoman helps you in a couple of ways. It allows you to revamp a room, and at very little cost, and it also helps reduce wear on your furniture. If your ottoman, or any other furniture, however, is placed near a sunny window it will be affected over the years. You can change this by using an ottoman cover, and by cleaning your ottoman regularly.

There are several things to keep in mind when cleaning your ottoman. It is recommended to clean the fabric as often as needed. A gentle cleaning is preferred to a more rigorous regular cleaning, but you can be more energetic about it if need be. 

Cleaning removes dust that has been accumulating along with any other dirt and grime. Pigmented leathers and semi-natural fabrics should be cleaned using a mild soap that has a neutral pH along with some warm water. Rinse the soap off with a clean dampened cloth to help remove any residue that is left over. Don’t use a soap that is too strong for the skin, as it may also be for the leather. 

You should always test on an inconspicuous part of the ottoman to make sure that the cleaner is adequate. If you are cleaning an aniline leather ottoman, clean it with a damp cloth only. Don’t use soap on the leather. 

Under no circumstances should you expose the fabric to bleach, ink, liquid, traces of fatty skin, strong products (even laundry detergent) or chemicals and sharp objects to avoid damaging the furniture. Never expose the ottoman cover fabric or leather to direct sunlight or bright light sources as this will discolor or distort the piece.

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