Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Choosing the Best Patio Table

Selecting a patio table might be more of a challenge than it sounds. You should be certain to choose a table that will work well in the intended space you have. In addition to this, ponder the sort of look you are striving to achieve. You should opt for a patio table which fits that feel, whether you are trying to create an elegant, modern or casual atmosphere. Having a fabulously designed patio area presents you with additional living space. By developing such a space in your home, this gives you more entertaining options.

To get your designing started, clear out the area you will be working with. By removing the clutter, you will create a blank canvas to work with. Therefore, you can easier notice spaces or focal points that may have been overlooked previously. During the planning stage, consider tight corners, wide stairs, vertical spaces and focal points. Start to sketch possible layouts of this space. In one sketch, attempt placing your patio table in a corner or up against a wall. Then try another sketch with the table centered in the space. Once your table is placed in your sketch, add in the other patio pieces. As you sketch out several options, you will notice differing ways to use varying spaces in your backyard.

While you plan, consider how you will protect your patio furniture. Quality patio table covers are a considerable purchase, which is why you should invest in a quality patio table cover. The protection covers offer, however, is why covers should be on your list of patio needs. Plan for this purchase during your drawing stage. Observe your sketches to think about which elements your patio table will be up against and select an appropriate cover that will protect your patio table against such elements.

Try to utilize your patio space by making those corners useful. If you have a smaller space to work with, think about using a smaller table along with an umbrella on a weighted base for cover, instead of a full dining set. You could also mull over a sail shade, as they do not utilize any floor space.

Make use of your shaded areas, as well as the spaces that you already have which are well-lit. If needed, you can create additional spaces through clever placement of plants. Think about hanging plants to incorporate shade into your immediate sitting area. A fire pit is a great way to add nighttime light, as well as some warmth. Outdoor lighting has several options depending on the ambiance that you want to achieve. Explore the many options, such as in-ground lights, twinkle lights, paper lanterns, and the like.