Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Design Ideas for a Kid’s Ottoman

There are literally thousands of designs that are floating around for kids when it comes to furniture and their rooms. A great example is the kid’s ottoman. In fact, designing a child’s piece of furniture is fun and exciting, plus it brings back some great memories. You can pick a piece that will go along with what your child already has. A desk, tables, bed, ottoman cover and beanbag chair can all be designed with fun shapes and colors.

An ottoman, is a perfect way to bring out your child’s inner personality and it will save you some money along the way.

1.   Animal Shaped Ottomans. If your child is an animal lover, this option is a no-brainer. Design an ottoman that looks like their favorite animal.

2.     Star Wars Ottoman. Almost every young boy loves Star Wars these days, so this would be a great time to build a Death Star.

3.     Artistic Ottomans. If your child loves to paint or draw, let them have at it on their own ottoman. In fact, add a chalk board on it so they can draw on it anytime they want.

4.     Girly Ottomans. Plenty of girls love frilly, pink things so this would be a perfect time to pad an ottoman down with tassels or frills and anything else you can think of. You can also put a make-up kit with a mirror in it which could pull out. You could even install a hidden drawer for some clothes as well.

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