Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cleaning Tips for Your Patio Furniture

It’s time to get your patio furniture ready for summer lounging, barbeques, and get-togethers! When getting your patio furniture ready for a new season, make sure to follow cleaning tips depending on the type of material your patio furniture is made of. Follow these patio furniture cleaning steps by furniture material. Remember to always test a small part of your patio furniture with any cleaning product, method, or solution before cleaning the entire piece.

·      Plastic patio furniture: Clean light-colored plastic patio furniture differently than dark-colored furniture. For dark-colored furniture, use a solution of all-purpose cleaner, warm water, and a touch of laundry detergent. Use a soft brush to coat the furniture with the solution and let it sit for about 15 minutes before rinsing off the solution. For light-colored plastic patio furniture, use bleach rather than all-purpose cleaner. Bleach can discolor dark-colored furniture, but should not do so on light-colored plastic patio furniture.
·      Untreated wood patio furniture: Combine a cup of ammonia, gallon of water, and less than a cup of vinegar. Scrub down the wood furniture with the solution and then dry completely, using towels to remove all water. Untreated wood patio furniture holds onto excess water, which can lead to drying and warping, so make sure the furniture is completely dry.
·      Aluminum patio furniture: Scrub this furniture with a scrubber and dish detergent. Rinse off all the soap. If the aluminum surface is baked on, coat the surface with car wax to keep the finish strong.
·      Patio cushions: Your cushions will most definitely need to be cleaned. First, make sure your cushions are washable. If they are washable, use a sponge and soapy water, and then rinse and dry.
·      Patio umbrella: Umbrellas often grow mold while down and not in use. Remove mold with a solution of a gallon of warm water, about one cup of bleach, and a tiny bit of liquid dish detergent. Test a spot on the umbrella to make sure the bleach does not discolor the umbrella. If it does not stain, open the umbrella, scrub, and rinse thoroughly. Do not close the umbrella before it’s completely dry in order to prevent further mold growth.

No matter your type of patio furniture, it’s inevitable that it will be affected by the elements, such as rain, wind, dust, and pollen. Thorough, regular cleanings will keep your furniture, cushions, and umbrella well-maintained, beautiful, and dust- and mold-free. One other easy way to keep your furniture clean through out the year is with covers. Patio table covers, umbrella covers, chair covers, etc. all exist to keep dust, dirt, and the elements off of your furniture. With covers, you will not have to clean your furniture as often and your investments will stay looking good for years to come.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Add Style to your Backyard with Luxury Patio Furniture

Luxury is something that everyone wants to radiate. The more exclusive something is, the more it inspires. In the area of ​​the patio furniture, this is no different. Exclusive patio furniture can be assembled by anyone who has either the money for it, or can make it from scratch. Patio furniture for the conservatory, garden or patio can have the luxury to be ordered on the internet or by retail in a wide selection.

Luxury and exclusivity are often equated with style. To achieve exclusive features of the terrace, the design of the furniture should play an important role. Depending on the style and taste, garden and terrace furniture is luxuriously decorated. There are currently very fashionable options in quality furniture, which are equipped with color-matched covers concerning the seat cushions and back cushions. Patio furniture up to the luxury level is offered in many shapes, colors and varieties. This is the case with more fashionable kinds which are extremely exclusive and have straight lines and are slightly curved. Thus, the lower ends to round ones with a bow, or even the rest to be tilted back slightly. Besides the more luxurious kinds are also used in stainless steel and look like aluminum.

Patio furniture is never out of fashion, but on the other hand they can come from wood furniture. Very exclusive patio furniture this season can come in a style to look like an antique or fine wood. Your backyard will never look the same if you add luxury patio furniture but make sure you preserve it by using things like a patio table cover.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Steps To Keep Your Patio Furniture Clean All Summer Long

With summer comes hours spent out around the swimming pool or on your deck and that means you will want to make certain your patio furniture is clean and ready for summer fun. Patio furniture will see a lot of action during the summer months and that means you will need to set aside time every week or so keep it clean.

Mother Nature can do a number on your patio furniture and if you spend money up front to buy the highest quality possible you will reap the advantages over the long run in how long your furniture will last. The array of furniture styles and types of building material is dizzying and you will want to take time to buy furniture that suits your mood, lifestyle, time you want to spend cleaning and your budget.

When purchasing the patio furniture, you will want to purchase patio table covers as part of the entire package. Covers help protect your furniture from the elements and keep it viable for years.

Just as you can hire someone to clean your house, you can hire someone to come and clean your patio furniture. The choice is yours, but you can certainly do the task yourself in a few hours. Ask the patio furniture dealer what kind of cleaning and upkeep your furniture will need once you purchase it and this can also help you narrow down the kind of furniture that’s best for your needs.

Some patio furniture will need to be not only cleaned but might need to be re-stained, repainted or have rust removed on an occasional basis. If your furniture will require special treatment, make certain you purchase the cleaning products when you purchase the furniture so it’s available when you need to get ready with your cleaning. In many cases, furniture can simply be cleaned with warm soapy water and then left to dry in the summer sunshine.

Cushions for your patio furniture will also require cleaning and upkeep. Read the labels to see if the covers can be removed and tossed in the washing machine or whether you can clean them with warm soapy water when you’re cleaning the rest of the furniture. The type of weather your furniture will be subjected to will determine the type of cleaning it needs and will add to, or can subtract from its life expectancy.

Buying quality patio furniture and quality cleaning supplies will help your deck or patio look great all summer, and be a point of relaxation and fun for everyone.