Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Paint Your Wicker Patio Furniture and Revamp its Look

Owning wicker furniture is a smart move these days both financially and socially. It saves you plenty of money because of the upkeep and it is a great piece of furniture that will look good in any home. In fact, you can use it outside of the home as well. However, if you decide to keep wicker outside the home, it is going to need some regular upkeep.

Painting your wicker furniture is one way to keep the new look fresh but this process is a time consuming one and should be done the right way. You can bypass all the work by just covering your furniture up with wicker furniture covers. However, if you do not want to spend the extra money on these covers, you can follow these simple steps to keep your wicker looking brand new:

-       Make sure you have all your tools and supplies ready. This means your paint, brushes and lacquer.
-       Take your stripper and soften up the wicker so you can strip it down. You can use a hard bristle brush for this step. Remember that the stripper is going to soften the wicker up but once it dries, it will harden again.
-       Once you are finished with the stripping process, wait two days so the wicker can harden again.
-       Now you are ready for the painting process. Spray paints are going to work best with wicker because they spray evenly. It will also reach the crevices a lot better than brushes will. Allow the paint to dry.
-       Once paint has dried, apply a lacquer via a spray. Again, using a spray is best because it does so evenly. You want to use a lacquer that is soft and not hard because the hard lacquers become brittle and will crack.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Tips For Extending the Lifespan of Your Wicker Patio Furniture

Any kind of wicker furniture looks fantastic but it also requires a certain attention to detail. If you own natural unfinished wicker, then we wouldn’t recommend that you use it outdoors because the elements will strip it down quickly. It doesn’t matter if you have it on a deck or patio either as the sunlight and moisture combined with winds and rain will take their toll and leave your once beautiful furniture in a dead state. Just because you have finished or coated furniture doesn’t necessarily mean that your wicker will stand the test of time. It just means that it will last longer.

If you are looking for the most durable wicker on the market, you want to purchase synthetic wicker. Synthetic wicker requires a lot of extra care but it is well worth it. Here are some hints you should adhere to:

Cleaning Your Outdoor Wicker Furniture

If you own resin wicker, you should have it cleaned often so the grime and dirt that accumulates in the small crevices along the wicker weaves do not deteriorate the furniture. You can clean it with a hose that has a very strong kick to it and try using a multi-purpose cleaner as well but make sure you use it on a place that isn’t visible first so you can check that it doesn’t harm the finish.

Keep Your Natural Wicker Away From the Elements

Natural wicker has a habit of drying out, so make sure you try to keep it out of the sun as much as possible. The sap in the canes will continues to live in the wicker as long as you do this. The sap, however, can rot if it remains too moist for too long, so it needs to be kept out of the rain as well. Natural wicker is one of those types of furniture that has to be cleaned regularly and, if done so, can last for years. But it is advised that wicker furniture is best suited for indoor use.

Indoor Use or Storage

If you can store your outdoor wicker furniture in a shed or garage during winter or off-season, doing so will actually add years to its life. Protecting the furniture with wicker furniture covers is also a great idea but make sure that every piece is dry before you cover it up.

Rejuvenating Outdoor Wicker Furniture

If you keep your outdoor wicker furniture clean from the elements, you can ensure that you have your furniture for plenty of years. Over the course of time, any type of furniture will have its problems. If the piece is soundly made, a coat of paint or dye can refresh the look and give plenty more years of service.