Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to protect your patio furniture

Your patio furniture and patio table see a lot of use during the summer months, especially if you have a swimming pool. It is crucial that you care for your patio furniture and your patio table. Patio table covers are great accessories to purchase at the same time you purchase the patio table as it keeps it safe when not in use. Outdoor furniture is a major investment and you will want to take care of it for years to come.

At least once a week you should take the time to clean your patio furniture, table and the cushions and upholstery. A weekly thorough cleaning will keep your furniture fresh for years. Check with the furniture manufacturer for the proper cleaning method for your style. Because outdoor furniture is made to withstand the elements, it is usually easy to clean. Simply grab a hose, some warm soapy water and a sponge and you’ll have the job finished in no time. Wicker furniture can be cared for in the same way but if it’s overly dirty you will want to hose it off first. 

Metal framed furniture will need to be cleaned and a protecting sealant applied on a regular basis. The sealant will be the best source for how often you should apply it. Protectors are usually UV-resistant and water-repellent. Apply the sealant in a well-ventilated area. The furniture will need to dry before you use it or put the cushions back on. Wear gloves to protect your hands when you’re using the sealant. Today’s newer metal frame furniture is not prone to rusting but if your metal furniture is older, you will want to protect it.

Your patio furniture cushions will need to be cleaned as well and spills should be spot cleaned as soon as they happen. Use the warm soapy water and sponge on your cushions as well. If you’re planning to store the furniture for the winter you will want to make sure they are clean but that they are thoroughly dry because mildew will take hold and discolor and ruin it. Full sunlight will lead to your cushions fading so flip them occasionally to make sure they fade evenly. 

Store your furniture once the summer is over so that it doesn’t get damaged when the snow starts to fly. Store it away if possible, it not make sure it’s covered and protected.