Monday, September 17, 2012

Personalize Your Glider Rocker Chair

Are you in the mood to decorate that old gilder rocker of yours? It may be easier than you think. Unless you are planning to reupholster the whole thing, the process can be as simple as buying new cushions or pillows for the rocker. You can decorate your rocker using your favorite sports team’s colors or you can go all out and use velvet or some other high-end material. In fact, you could mix everything up and make your own thing up but the whole idea is to take your time and do what you want.

Here are some ideas that might help you make up your mind when it comes to making your glider rocker chair truly your own.

1.     Team Colors. This is probably the easiest and the most fun of the decorating ideas. Imagine sitting in your very own “game time” seat every time your team plays. You decorate it the way you want to- the colors, the pillows and even the padding is all up to you! Even a glider cover would go great.
2.     Cushions and pads. This is a very nice way to make a child’s room stand out even more. If you have a glider in your baby’s room (or you want one in there), decorating the cushions and pads with funs things like fire trucks, horses, puppies and frogs will make any child smile.
3.     Decals and detailing. Having a favorite cartoon character or even your favorite sports player on your glider is easy to do and inexpensive as well. In fact, another great idea is getting your child’s name put on the glider because it makes them feel special.
4.     Fabrics. Choosing the right fabric is up to you. Whether you want lace or leather or nice, soft suede, the choice is all yours.

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